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Apple iphone 13 release date price specs: upcoming new iPhone 13 series

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Apple’s latter iPhone 13 collection is expected soon, or the biggest leaks suggest we are going to keep seeing the recent iPhone at partial board in September 2021. You don’t bear according to wait until after though after hear the authorization small print in regard to the iPhone 13.

iPhone thirteen leaks hold been springing upon out of a range about sources because of the closing not many months, then we have at present obtained a explicit photograph concerning incomplete specs on the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max or iPhone 13 mini.

Below you’ll find the top-line statistics in relation to each over the modern iPhone models, yet after up to expectation you’ll discover more of each factor on the phones.

Release date: September 2021 is likely now we’ll hear in regard to the iPhone 13, but an exact begin or launch persimmon hasn’t yet turn out to be clear. Our superior bet is you’ll hear about the latter iPhone over September 7 or 14.

Price: Expect a similar value in conformity with the iPhone 12 range, along one leak suggesting it’s going to keep precisely the same. The iPhone 12 wee – the most inexpensive over 2020’s iPhones – started out at $699 / £699 / AU$1,199 whilst the iPhone 12 Pro Max cost $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,849.

Design: Little is anticipated in imitation of change from the iPhone 12, however such looks the enterprise intention remain changing the design on the hinder camera. It’ll apparently bear a hypotenuse lens arrangement on the twain less expensive phones, however it is largely accept according to remain comparable in conformity with last year’s handsets.

Colors: Apple may additionally emergence half new colorings along the iPhone 13 series, yet two rumored versions are red then orange. Alongside those, we anticipate in imitation of parley similar colours in imitation of last-gen, certain namely purple, black and white.

Display: Screen sizes and resolutions are anticipated to stay the identical across the range of iPhone thirteen products, but each the iPhone 13 Pro yet iPhone thirteen Pro Max are heavily rumored to dawn 120Hz refresh rates. That potential the photo over this screens wish be smoother than previous iPhones. Plus we’re awaiting an always-on show about each handset, too.

Camera: Apple is predicted according to remain tweaking the digital camera concerning the iPhone thirteen series, then the two Pro handsets might also arrive an upgraded ultra-wide shooter. The iPhone 13 Pro can also additionally come an upgraded telephoto camera, concurrence some leaks advise LiDAR could keep present of all four models and you may bear multiplied deep perception. Video recording software program upgrades are additionally expected, together with a modern Portrait mode.

Specs: The A15 chipset wish in all likelihood power each on this handsets, however we’ve but in conformity with be aware of what powerful that pleasure be. It’s also heavily rumored so Apple may deliver outdoors a 1TB iPhone because the preceding epoch within 2021 and that’ll enable for the largest iPhone sizes ever.

Battery: If the largest iPhone thirteen battery leak is correct, you perform assume a larger battery interior 2021’s phones. These are anticipated after keep extraordinarily larger, with the iPhone thirteen predicted in accordance with provide a 3,095mAh mobilephone in contrast in conformity with the iPhone 12’s 2,805mAh. What desire up to expectation mean? Expect a longer firm iPhone thirteen than your previous iPhones.

iPhone 13 leaks

iPhone 13 miniiPhone 13iPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 Pro Max
Screen size5.4-inch6.1-inch6.1-inch6.7-inch
Resolution2340 x 10802532 x 11702532 x 11702778 x 1284
Refresh rate60Hz60Hz120Hz120Hz
Camera12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP + 12MP
Selfie camera12MP12MP12MP12MP
StorageUp to 1TBUp to 1TBUp to 1TBUp to 1TB


The iPhone thirteen family is generally anticipated in accordance with seem comparable in imitation of the iPhone 12 series, however there are a not many authorization variations that we’ve heard era or period once more in leaks then rumors.

iphone 13 mini
(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

In the margin below, thou may advise our own renders based totally of the leaks ye execute read respecting below. We’ve made the facts we have heard from a total militia on distinct sources yet manufactured our very own artist’s impact over where we assume to see.

These may additionally not lie absolutely mathematic then the cellphone debuts additional this year, however that is our auspicious photo but on the handset considering the leaks we’ve heard touching in July 2021 then earlier.

One on the largest sketch leaks then some distance includes CAD files that show a smaller notch, concurrence a rudder digicam format because the iPhone 13 They show up to exhibit a barely thicker build too, likely in accordance with assume the larger batteries as have been rumored.

iPhone 13 notch changes

The nick appears very probable in conformity with exchange with this generation of Apple handsets. Far extra sources are order to that shrinking than inhabited the identical size, consequently a smaller tooth looks likely, including one supply including so the Face ID sensor has curiously additionally been shrunk, which would permit for a smaller notch.

We’ve in modern times also considered a doublet over leaked snap shots reportedly showing the modesty glass because the iPhone 13 range, or there’s a visibly smaller notch, accomplished by moving the earpiece according to the bezel above.

Similarly, a 3D-printed iPhone thirteen mock-up additionally indicates a smaller notch. Specifically the notch here is 26.8mm wide (compared according to 34.83mm regarding the iPhone 12), but it’s additionally 5.35mm deep, building that knobstick outdoors a little snack greater than the 5.3mm some over the iPhone 12.

The mock-up additionally suggests so the object concerning the groove can also bear been improved around a bit, together with the selfie digicam shown over the left rather than the right, or the earpiece uplifted into the bezel. Our render consists of a nick who is 30% slimmer than the iPhone 12’s, and so appears in conformity with remain the consensus beside close leaks concerning the iPhone thirteen.

iphone 13 notch

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max design

So where in relation to the iPhone thirteen Pro or iPhone thirteen Pro Max? An iPhone 13 Pro Max decorate soloist – tooled primarily based of leaked schematics then sordid leaks – also suggests a smaller notch, as like properly so larger camera lenses.

However, the diagram or also the bulk is in any other case greater or less the equal as much the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We’ve also viewed a entirely similar format between inofficial iPhone thirteen Pro renders, supposedly primarily based regarding a ‘finalized version’ regarding the handset. These encompass a larger, blandish digital camera battering ram than concerning the iPhone 12 Pro, summation large digital camera sensors, a smaller notch, or an interestingly less fingerprint-prone stainless steel frame.

Plus, we have additionally seen arrangement units regarding the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, which again in shape upon with every the leaks above, so this plan (shown below) is altogether possibly what we’ll confer out of the iPhone 13 range.

Note also the colorations ancient here, as show up after include hoar for the dual-lens iPhone 13, then silver for the triple-lens iPhone 13 Pro. So perhaps this wish stay among the hues so the phones are offered in.

iphone 13 pro max
(Image credit: AppleTomorrow)

And we’ve got currently seen chassis fashions regarding the iPhone thirteen measure as well. These have been shared via a law architect then are old with the aid of that after layout cases.

You do parley photos on it chassis models below, yet those entirely fit on with what we’ve got considered some other place – including the largest visible variations life the format about the cameras concerning the iPhone 13 or iPhone thirteen mini, yet the volume on the camera blocks on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 sizes

One thing to that amount likely won’t keep altering is the sizes regarding the phones, with leaks suggesting we are going to see 4 models, with the identical veil sizes as like the iPhone 12 range.

That said, the degree may also vary slightly, together with a record suggesting that the iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Pro will keep 7.57mm thick, making them 0.17mm thicker than theirs predecessors.

The same record suggests the digital camera blocks wish staff outdoors plenty further, along the iPhone 13 Pro’s interestingly sticking outdoors by way of 3.65mm (compared in imitation of 1.7mm on the iPhone 12 Pro), then the iPhone 13’s by 2.51mm (compared according to 1.5mm concerning the iPhone 12).

iPhone 13 Touch ID or Face ID

One leak has recommended the enterprise may additionally ultimately stay ready in conformity with sing an under-display fingerprint scanner. A cluster of the best Android phones encompass this science already, yet that leak suggests Apple is prepared according to comply with suit. In fact, we have at last heard speak about an in-screen scanner a couple of instances at that point, together with Apple curiously considering such between culling to Face ID.

This isn’t a certainty, though, as stated Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the function is presence among half 2022 iPhones – aka the iPhone 14 – yet wish most likely omit the iPhone thirteen line.

That said, an iOS 15 leak suggests the company’s subsequent most important software program update choice occur together with guide because of dual biometric authentication – a characteristic who would only remain possible to enforce about a gadget together with each Face ID then Touch ID. Still, we would not count concerning this.


iphone 13 display

One factor closely rumored because of the iPhone 12 to that amount didn’t appear after advancement used to be the summation regarding a 120Hz refresh quantity display. But rumors recommend so much might also stand brought on the iPhone 13, and that’ll edit the display look smoother so taking part in games or scrolling through you convivial media feed.

That technology may additionally additionally employment of a comparable pathway according to such as we have considered regarding the company’s iPad Pro range, the place such is in a position after differ the refresh quantity relying of such as pastime you are doing on thy phone.

Multiple rumors bear suggested the 120Hz refresh dimensions characteristic may stay incoming, or so much consists of reports beyond DigiTimes namely nicely as well-placed analysts to that amount have in addition advised it tech may only keep regarding twins regarding the four predicted iPhone 13 models.

Korean site The Elec brought that enterprise sources address the pinnacle pair fashions wish reach a 120Hz screen, consequently this may also simply be a Pro mannequin function among 2021. That web site has additionally nowadays delivered greater details, claiming as Samsung will lie the pure dealer concerning these 120Hz panels.

In fact, there may be a hazard such choice hold an too greater refresh quantity than 120Hz, as like an Apple patent talks as regards a cellphone including more than one refresh rates, perhaps clipping oversea at 240Hz – which is a dimensions no mainstream telephone currently offers. But patents repeatedly don’t improve of features, and we might receive it including a nab about salt.

We’re additionally likely in conformity with confer the beginning concerning an always-on show including the iPhone thirteen family. A variety over dependable leakers – which include Mark Gurman from Bloomberg – hold advised so much choice be the case. Android phones bear presented that because years, so it’s in relation to day Apple acquired regarding board.

What sizes should ye assume because of the iPhone thirteen family? The identical so remaining year’s models, primarily based of rumors, that means a 5.4-inch iPhone thirteen mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone thirteen yet iPhone 13 Pro, or a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.


As because the camera, industry analyser Ming-Chi Kuo – whosoever is hourly correct touching Apple statistics – has recommended the iPhone 13 Pro yet Pro Max’s ultra-wide digital camera may additionally lie bumped after a f/1.8, six-element lens beside the present day f/2.4, five-element lens concerning the iPhone 12 Pro yet Pro Max.

iphone 13 camera

He additionally claims so the Pro models choice find autofocus because theirs ultra-wide lenses, together with entire four iPhone 14’s apparently getting this upgrade in 2022. And Kuo reiterated this claim among June 2021, therefore such appears he’s confident of it.

That said, we have also heard the equal exchange in aperture from analysts at Barclays, but it declare it upgrade intention arrive to entire IV iPhone 13 models. This ought to permit for better mangy mild performance – although probably additionally a shallower deepness about field, as do be much less appropriate into the landscape shots ultra-wide cameras typically exceed at.

The Barclays analyst word also pointed out up to expectation the iPhone thirteen Pro may want to reach the equal telephoto snapper as like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, permitting for 2.5x optical zoom, above out of 2x over its predecessor.

Kuo meanwhile has spoke of the telephoto camera desire come a similar six-element improve in imitation of the ultra-wide one, at least of the “high-end” models.

As because of the principal camera, Kuo also has news as regards that, claiming so much about the iPhone 13 Pro Max that intention stay switched to an f/1.5 aperture (from f/1.6 regarding contemporary models). This should enhance mangy light performance or the bokeh impact for portrait shots, but it is a trade to that amount apparently may not lie advent according to the relaxation concerning the iPhone thirteen range.

A file has also recommended as all 4 iPhone 13 models might be brought a LiDAR scanner, alternatively than simply the Pro fashions having it as concerning the iPhone 12 range. The equal site has due to the fact that reiterated so declare more than once, as like has every other source.

That said, any other supply has seeing that contradicted that claim, so has some other one. As it twins leaks are extra recent, we’re willing according to oration they’re greater likely to stand accurate, mainly as like some says as Apple had at first deliberate in imitation of convey LiDAR according to all iPhone 13 models (explaining the earlier leaks) but nowadays might not stay doing. It appears greater probably since to that amount solely the iPhone thirteen Pro yet iPhone 13 Pro Max will get LiDAR.

A source has also stated so much entire IV iPhone 13 models choice arrive sensor-shift OIS (optical image stabilization), who would stay an upgrade because of whole however the Pro Max, who meanwhile has that, or to that amount the two Pro models will arrive a larger principal lens. Another conference also suggests so sensor-shift OIS then autofocus wish stay introduced in conformity with the ultra-wide cameras of the modern phones, but doubtlessly solely the iPhone 13 Pro yet Pro Max models.

Elsewhere, sources hold claimed that Apple is system a long way greater play coil motors (VCMs) than normal. This is curiously because of enhancements both in accordance with the after cameras (likely the culling regarding sensor-shift, which makes use of a VCM) then because upgrades to the 3D sensors for Face ID.

All these modifications could government in accordance with a lots greater camera block, at least into the suit over the iPhone 13 Pro, as like a photo over a litigation supposedly designed because the phone however housing an iPhone 12 Pro suggests as the digital camera cut-out is a ways also significant because the present day model, as like you perform see above.

We’ve also heard rumors about strong redesigns concerning the two late cameras about the iPhone 13 then iPhone 13 mini: as an alternative concerning wight aligned vertically, they may additionally stand organized diagonally.

A purported image regarding an iPhone 13 wee prototype was uploaded in imitation of Weibo showing such as the closing telephone – and those redesigned cameras – may seem to be like. You can also advise the new digital camera sketch into half on the leaks further up.

In terms regarding software, a file out of Bloomberg has noted Apple is looking in conformity with enhance video recording within 2021. New services consist of a Portrait color – where there is a bokeh impact in the back of the difficulty – because videos, so properly so a instant professional ProRes tool for multiplied video editing.

Finally, at that place are reports so much Apple is looking into adding a periscope digicam according to a after iPhone. This would allow because a larger zoom extent than modern models, possibly above to 10x optical zoom, doubtlessly without making the camera factors any thicker. However, based regarding rumors that would possibly not occur till the iPhone 14 yet an also later device. Kuo says not in accordance with assume that till 2023.


One supply (leaker Jon Prosser) has also recommended as 2021 may also stay then we recommend the preface over 1TB iPhones. That’s a tankage altar the business enterprise hasn’t experimented including yet, at least because of its smartphones, or we’d count on it in imitation of remain an alternative regarding the near high-priced Pro handsets. We’ve heard it several times.

If Prosser’s facts is correct, so may additionally properly redact because the most luxurious iPhone early and late so it truly is a bunch over tankage over certain handset. This sort of choice would be extra useful for specialists than common users, however because of at present it is simply a prototype Apple is testing apparently.

That ability we would possibly now not recommend it, particularly so any other source points in accordance with the storage capacities other the identical as like remaining year.

Performance should remain boosted namely that typically is every year, but we’ve heard speak so much superior vapor room cooling is going in conformity with remain deployed in the iPhone 13 – though if it is not equipped this year, we might hold in imitation of tarry till the iPhone 14 in conformity with recommend it.

We’ve also heard as the A15 chipset anticipated in imitation of control the iPhone thirteen extent has entered mass production. The supply about a document concerning as subject matter additionally says so it is a 5nm chipset, which is the equal greatness as much the A14, perhaps that means the upgrades right here may not keep massive.

Another supply has additionally nowadays stated up to expectation the iPhone 13 extent pleasure have a 5nm chipset, with 3nm predicted for the iPhone 14.


One aspect we meanwhile know a clean bite as regards is the iPhone 13’s software, given that it’s secure according to move iOS 15, and while the next-gen software program is not oversea but that has been announced by way of Apple.

Highlights over iOS 15 consist of a number FaceTime improvements, such so the capacity in accordance with be part of calls by means of a web link who too Android users be able access, concurrence spatial audio or frame isolation advent in accordance with it.

Messages in the meantime choice arrive status updates, a live textual content characteristic intention allow thou after interpret textual content within snap shots then copy that to a document, the weather app has been redesigned, Maps is getting modern small print because of business districts or buildings, or more.

Performance should remain boosted namely that typically is every year, but we’ve heard speak so much superior vapor room cooling is going in conformity with remain deployed in the iPhone 13 – though if it is not equipped this year, we might hold in imitation of tarry till the iPhone 14 in conformity with recommend it.

We’ve also heard as the A15 chipset anticipated in imitation of control the iPhone thirteen extent has entered mass production. The supply about a document concerning as subject matter additionally says so it is a 5nm chipset, which is the equal greatness as much the A14, perhaps that means the upgrades right here may not keep massive.

Another supply has additionally nowadays stated up to expectation the iPhone 13 extent pleasure have a 5nm chipset, with 3nm predicted for the iPhone 14.


We’re expecting a blend concerning historical then recent colours because the iPhone 13 range, including the modern-day leak suggesting as the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max should enter in black, silver, sunset gold (which is stated after stand a congeal shade) then mild wealth (which is mentioned to stay absolutely pale).

Elsewhere, we have heard so much we may additionally stay forasmuch roseate purple or orange debut it 12 months as like well.

That pink then orange palaver has appear from a source except a great deal tune file though, yet some sordid leak advised as orange interestingly didn’t make it past the prototype stage. That said, the orange has been described as like per chance bronze, so possibly the steel model did accomplish that attached the leak above.

In somebody case, these are twins thrilling shades, and for our personal artist’s impressions we took the orange then red hues regarding other Apple merchandise including the AirPods Pro Max and the current iMac because of 2021 after commend ye an thought of as the colours may appear as (you perform recommend them of the edge above).

We’ve now additionally heard a couple of times that the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone thirteen Pro Max might enter between a matte fuscous shade. Apparently that intention keep a remodeled model regarding the graphite iPhone 12 Pro, but a bunch darker.

That capacity you are likely to advise extra colour picks along some brighter shades regarding the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, while the iPhone thirteen Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are more probable to have fewer choices including greater unexcited colorings like silver or gold.

iPhone 13 leaked battery capacities       

Elsewhere we’ve heard as so may remain improvements in accordance with wi-fi charging. Reportedly the iPhone thirteen measure pleasure encompass a larger wireless charging coil, who may want to enable for quicker charging, higher heat management, then doubtlessly even overturn wi-fi charging (so you should put, say, thine AirPods concerning the back over you iPhone in imitation of juice them up).

These larger charging coils could additionally job of tandem including the superior MagSafe magnets so the same source has also claimed are coming.

One website called MyDrivers additionally claims in accordance with bear sources up to expectation speech the iPhone 13 series choice feature 25W wired charging. That’s accept in imitation of remain faster than the 18W regarding the iPhone 12 series.

There’s additionally an Apple patent to that amount talks respecting a ‘protective charging’ mode, which would end thou overcharging the smartphone also if thou leave that plugged in because of long intervals (such so overnight). However, patents don’t constantly find used, so do not rely of this.

iPhone 13 leaked battery capacities

ModelSizeLast-gen size
iPhone 13 mini2,406mAh2,277mAh
iPhone 133,095mAh2,805mAh
iPhone 13 Pro 3,095mAh2,805mAh
iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,325mAh3,687mAh


The only giant value leak respecting the iPhone thirteen thoroughness suggests so much the upcoming models desire cost a similar aggregate according to the iPhone 12 range. That’s within block with as we had expected.

We’ll lie assured according to include greater 2021 iPhone price leaks then rumors so we hear them, but below you can confer the expenditures for the iPhone 12 collection up to expectation we’re exceedingly confident desire remain similar of the iPhone 13.

If anything, expenses might upward shove barely this year. That’s specifically true backyard the US, so at that place are rumors so plenty concerning the ball intention arrive the mmWave 5G tech that US iPhone 12s already support, pushing the charge over of the process. But we would not anticipate a enormous change.


The iPhone thirteen launch persimmon is probable in conformity with remain within September 2021, and we assume such according to hit stores of both the 0.33 yet fourth Friday on the month (which makes it September 17 and 24).


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