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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G Review

samsung tab. fe 5g

The tablet need had been regarding something on a downward trajectory above the last bit years, but the pandemic gave slates a instant hire about life. In a segment subject by way of Apple, Samsung has been pulling the load for Android capsules as like ignoble brands bowed oversea atop time.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the company’s recent mid-range offering, bringing the excellent on the flagship Tab S7 sequence in imitation of a lower charge factor with the aid of preserving close on theirs brilliant features, however together with a less-powerful chipset strolling things of discipline after maintain the price down. This makes that a giant choice for those looking because of a capable pill except having in accordance with embezzle laptop-level money.

Unlike Samsung’s price range tablet, the Tab A7 Lite, the Tab S7 FE gives the perfect Galaxy Tab experience, including DeX, Samsung’s proprietary feature to that amount permits ye in imitation of usage a desktop-like interface – although while that manufactory properly namely an exchange workspace, that does little in accordance with restoration Android’s shortcomings over large screens.

Similarly, kind of the Tab S7 Plus, it gives a widespread 12.4-inch display so makes it appropriate because of productivity tasks, but it misses abroad on premium perks certain as like an OLED panel yet a excessive refresh rate. In our testing, these omissions were handy according to stay with, as like it’s a big modesty otherwise, then better than you’ll locate regarding close vile laptops or drugs at that price. Ditto for the stereo curator setup.

If you’re searching according to reach a tablet because productivity purposes, you’ll stay glad in imitation of understand that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes bundled together with an S Pen stylus, complete with entire the related functions so much the company’s flagships bear loved for years. It makes acceptance notes, sketching, annotating, signing or scrolling easy yet enjoyable.

Unfortunately, our feelings in relation to the keyboard cover are very different. Not only is it quite expensive, it but provides to the experience due in imitation of having no trackpad, restrained adjustability and a basic feature set. On the adjunct side, such supports an organize of shortcuts designed because of multi-tasking.

Despite its svelte design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is powered by using an impressively widespread battery. At atop 10,000mAh it effortlessly lasts for hours at a stretch, yet the battery existence is and proper to that amount we were in a position according to put upon including the frustratingly slow charging speeds.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a great alternative for each person searching for a capable Android tablet for duties past binge-watching. It’s an awful lot cheaper than its flagship siblings, and probably smarter than its iOS counterparts – just don’t assume that in conformity with replace you PC entirely.


Samsung has absolutely upped its sketch game along its final temperate launches, yet these enhancements hold honestly trickled below in imitation of the company’s more affordable tablets. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE looks similar in imitation of mean top class Android slates, together with a hard metal body, smooth edges and a great display. Our Mystic Black stricture unit appears quite elevated together with its deep navy-blue hue. The again is easy in accordance with smudge, but easy according to pure too.

At just 6.3mm thick entire around the pill feels glossy yet premium among every the appropriate ways, though that would possibly experience a tiny too peaked because of incomplete – gripping such safely perform stay problematic at times, particularly as the back is pretty slippery too. Thankfully, there’s adequate bezel of the bend in accordance with help in this regard.Samsung has additionally smartly placed the webcam among the Furer regarding the pinnacle bezel then the Tab is among a landscape orientation, as is far extra ideal than as the instant iPad Pros provide including a selfie camera regarding the side.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is well-thought-out when such comes according to the area over ports then buttons, with duck hampering usability among either orientation. In panorama orientation, the power button then quantity rocker are over the top-left edge, together with the speakers on the sides, the USB base concerning the correct or the magnetic connector regarding the bottom.

If you don’t diagram concerning getting the keyboard cover accessory, the S Pen be able stand magnetically fond in accordance with the pinnacle yet bottom of the tablet, or by the camera; however, it’s not likely in imitation of continue to be caught of a crowded bag.

The tablet’s dimensions, associated along the 600g weight, make that perfect according to raise round in a backpack and also a folder. It gets almost the entirety right into phrases of the design, now not leaving abroad some thing as more top class capsules offer.


samsung s7 fe tab
(image credit: samsung)

On paper, certain regarding the essential variations (besides the chipset) within the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the Tab S7 then S7 Plus is the display. The panel type, resolution yet refresh rate are all more mid-range here, along a 12.4-inch LCD chastity running at 60Hz and a 1600 x 2560 resolution.

We had been prepared according to stand disenchanted by means of the display, however the Tab S7 FE surely managed in imitation of inconceivable us. Unless you’re pixel-peeping, and mainly searching because black segments over the screen, such shouldn’t disappoint you. The decision used to be continually sufficient, even now we had more than one apps and internet pages originate at once, yet that was additionally good in imitation of advise a 16:10 element ratio, which done it a lot greater beneficial because of reading then vile productivity tasks.

At 12.4 elevation it’s as considerable so a pill show can meaningfully get, or it’s a pleasure to appear at. The size, clarity, colour replica or touch responsiveness were far higher than whatever we’ve considered about a laptop yet iPad within this class. Samsung shows seldom disappoint.

We also favored the reality to that amount the dignity is surrounded through symmetrical bezels regarding every sides, which are just dark ample in accordance with enable simpler managing besides hampering the viewing experience.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a 60Hz refresh rate, which it days is something of a disappointment. With Samsung’s budget smartphones having developed in accordance with higher refresh rates, and together with Apple’s ProMotion (high refresh rate) shows costing a cluster more, Samsung had a honest risk in accordance with set up a government upstairs its rival.

There’s no HDR certification either, consequently Netflix binging classes won’t quite have the ‘pop’ so much HDR-supporting slates offer.

Overall, we genuinely appreciated the viewing experience of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. While it’s no longer perfect, it receives the basics right, along capabilities as will be counted over a daily basis. Similarly, the dual stereo curator setup used to be a deal with for the ears, including sufficient readability and loudness in imitation of include a little room.

Specs, overall performance or camera
Here’s the place Samsung’s cost-cutting measures start to turn out to be apparent. The Tab S7 FE ditches flagship silicon because a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset, alongside together with 4GB and 6GB on RAM. On certain hand, it’s robust ample because of day in accordance with period duties then basic multi-tasking, however between our testing, it did show its obstacles while gaming. If aggressive gambling is some thing you plan of doing including thy tablet, you’ll keep higher afield including something as the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.

Even regarding days the place we ancient such as like our primary employment computing device in imitation of juggle between Google Docs, messaging apps, TechRadar’s content administration rule or pretty intensive web-browsing, the Tab S7 FE last over really well. There have been instances when an app would bust a second then and to commence up and refresh, however nothing certainly slowed us down.

Having stated that, agreement you’re ancient according to a high-end smartphone over as apps originate within the dance on an outlook then multi-tasking feels effortless, the Tab S7 FE would possibly experience a younger slow. That was once not often the case for us, though, too so enhancing photos, transferring media or assignment together with more than one tabs among Chrome.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE supports Samsung DeX, a premium feature so lets in for laptop competition or less complicated multi-screen operation. Essentially, that is just a distinctive interface that takes notion beside laptop operating systems, with a taskbar, rapid shortcuts yet resizable floating windows.

Since such doesn’t functionate lots in conformity with overcome the obstacles regarding Android so a pill interface, we mainly shifted in imitation of DeX solely so we desired after hold an assortment about apps accessible because of an simpler workflow.

As of lousy Samsung tablets, the S Pen is a extensive run-on here, bringing along such revolutionary purposes such as modesty writing, handwriting recognition, annotations, signatures or sketching. One of our favorite use cases used to be dialing of a video meeting concerning one half concerning the veil whilst receiving notes along the stylus about the vile half. This is additionally the first era we’re forasmuch S Pen support at it value point.

On a recent camping trip, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE used to be our fundamental leisure then media hub, then we transferred lots regarding images beyond a DSLR in conformity with the gadget by a USB Type-C card reader, edited them among Snapseed, and uploaded them to OneDrive. There’s additionally a dedicated microSD card slot salvo thou need it.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE variant presently handy into every regions additionally has the choice because cellular connectivity through a SIM card, which need to come useful for those anybody hourly action outside from Wi-Fi zones. Speaking concerning which, Wi-Fi connectivity was great: we were capable according to journey round our whole house at some stage in video calls without any drops or freezes.

If video calls are a precedence for you, you’ll love the mics or cameras about that tablet. Video or voice virtue was lovely concerning each ends, too barring using headphones. There’s also a lasting hinder camera for scanning the occasional report then taking pictures a visible notice about something.

We would go abroad regarding a body or speech that the Tab S7 FE might remain better desirable because dense customers looking because of a laptop computer alternative than its flagship siblings, thanks in accordance with its larger screen, higher efficiency, enough rule (and less aptitude in imitation of overheat), and significantly decrease price. Unless you workflow calls because intensive CPU or GPU performance, ye may keep better far away along the mid-ranger.

Battery life

battary samsung fe tab
(image credit: samsung)

Another area where the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE shines is its battery life, along the massive 10,900mAh battery generally strong to us in the course of an eight-hour workday.

Simpler duties as writing in notes would barely den the battery level, whilst a 45-minute video name fed on touching 5% battery, yet in a single day idle drain used to be close according to nil. Those searching after solely makes use of their pill namely a unimportant machine may count on multi-day battery life.

Unfortunately, the least astounding component about the tablet’s overall performance is charging. While the Tab S7 FE helps 45W quick charging, the covered adapter be able only outturn a most on 15W, then takes shut in conformity with 4 hours in imitation of consign a complete charge. After the advance check cycle, we switched according to in a single day charging.

Keyboard cover

(image credit: samsung)

If you’re thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, the risks are that you’ve acquired thine eyes over the keyboard accent as like well. The first-party Book Cover Keyboard provides a small keyboard and kickstand to the mix, bringing the pill nearer in imitation of laptop-replacement status.

However, it’s no longer the same certain up to expectation comes together with the Tab S7 Plus – to that amount some has an adjusted kickstand, a bigger keyboard or a multi-touch trackpad.

The keyboard is a substantial share about the Tab S7 FE’s productivity promise, then to that amount potential there’s little wagon for error. Unfortunately, the experience here is extraordinarily simple of a pathway to that amount certainly dents you productivity. Let to us explain.

First, the lack about a trackpad makes transferring among pages or tabs absolutely inconvenient. Right-clicking is now not possible in anybody fashion, or click-and-drag performance takes a hit. It’s also a sketch misstep in conformity with hold the keyboard therefore shut in conformity with the modesty without leaving wagon in imitation of rest the wrists about the bottom.

Second, the cover doesn’t hold a resolve kickstand. A nook of the folio converts among a kickstand, the perspective on who can’t stay changed, and that ability the modesty pleasure no longer continually stay at an perfect angle, depending over the height on the user, the height regarding the desk yet sordid floor they’re using the tablet on, or the angle they’re cause at. And shorter people choice have only their forehead into the selfie camera’s body now the usage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE at a relaxed angle.

There are also half minor issues so much we can stay including for now, but as ought to put to the long-term reliability about the tablet of jeopardy. For instance, the solely path according to separate the cover beside the pill itself is via yanking to them apart hard, which isn’t clearly ideal for the connectors. Similarly, also the magnets of the returned are likely according to decline their electricity after repeated use.

As a typing experience, the keyboard is decent, including a plan that’s handy in conformity with reach ancient to. The keys feel well-made then don’t hold a bunch about gaps inside the body, yet showcase no underneath obliquity either. It additionally makes a dead fulfilling sound, proviso that’s essential after you.

Of course, entire about this problems may want to get fixed salvo ye choose for a third-party keyboard accessory. If you design about getting the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard, lie absolute in conformity with check outdoors the bundle deals, so ye may additionally stay able in imitation of accumulate such because of much less than partially the ordinary price. Either way, a keyboard is a must-have because of every body together with great productiveness ambitions.


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