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windows 11 preview release date features system requirements


After six years of Windows 10 remaining virtually untouched, Windows11 is now being revised as the world’s most popular desktop operating system. That’s the last Windows version despite Microsoft proclaiming Window 10. No matter: the Windows-using world at least a bit of it—has something to be thrilled about following a few years of ho-hum releases.

That being said, when we ran Windows 11 initially, we were startled that, despite its relatively fresh appearance, it wasn’t yet that distinct from Windows 10. Based on the screenshots we saw, not so much as we expected. It certainly appears more beautiful with a rounded corner for all windows, the middle taskbar icons, and more elegant dialogs on Settings. But it was not completely alien to Windows 8 or required a whole new approach.

What are the requirements of Windows 11 and how can you achieve it?

Windows 11’s main drawback is that the system has unexpectedly high prerequisites, even excluding some Microsoft machines.

The system requirements can be seen below:

Processor: 1GHz or faster with 2+ cores on a 64-bit processor/SoC
Storage: 64GB or more
System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics card: DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
Display: 720p display that is greater than 9-inch diagonally, 8 bits per colour channel
Internet access required? Yes

The processor appears to be the most demanding criterion since it means that systems may not be compatible with previous CPUs.

You may download this software, which enables you to know whether your PC is Windows 11 compatible. In order to make your system compliant, you must however enable TPM 2.0 in your BIOS.

Windows’s New Look (and More)

Let’s look at the new Windows 11 out of the way. Many of the work is interface redesign instead of genuine improvements and, as I said previously, despite certain furniture upgrades, Windows 11 is more familiar than you might anticipate. It draws from Chrome OS, however the desktop always provides program icons that Google’s lightweight desktop operating system doesn’t. In Windows, windows and multi-task are also much more sophisticated. The UI receives rounded macOS edges for all windows, which is not a major change but gives the OS a smoother look. The new design provides the Windows interface with much appreciated new slickness and uniformity. Many of the new designs provide the Windows interface an appreciated new slickness and uniformity, but other modifications I don’t like.

Taskbar, Start Menu, Better Multitasking

As reports suggested, the two most visible new components in Windows 11 are a floating and centered Start menu and a centered taskbar. They make Windows seem dramatically fresh, both with Live Tiles and a touch-friendly interface. You have standard icons that connect to your applications and that you may pin them for your convenience instead of Live Tiles. In the current Windows 11 Start menu, Microsoft has adjusted to return the search box.

You will find a list of documents and files powered by OneDrive and those which are mostly accessed on your smartphone under your icons. This is the most important modification in the Start Menu since the introduction of Windows 10. All of the capabilities Microsoft 365 and Microsoft’s cloud are supported, but your local documents are still to be seen.

Aside from the commencement menu, windows 11 features rounded borders and menus. As well as a redesigned action centre with cleaner sliders and rounder buttons. Microsoft even transmuted the window system in windows 11 to provide you adscititious ways to partition your multi-tasking programs by hovering your mouse over the maximize symbol.

This is a feature called as Snap Layouts, in which Windows 11 recalls the work you consummate and it may be preserved as a group in the taskbar for expeditious access. But more than that, the way Windows dock with exhibits has been transmuted by Microsoft.

windows 11 requirements
(image credit: microsoft)

New animations, sounds, and widgets

Windows 11 animations were also improved to seem smoother and more natural. This is best viewed by clicking on the Start menu or by minimizing and closing windows. The animations appear and feel smooth and do not differ from what you experience on mobile platforms.

Windows 11 brings back a new “widget” area like the old-school Windows Vista. The widgets work a little like Windows 10 News and interest. You’ll see items such as weather and top headlines, stock prices, sports scoring, and more on the Taskbar by clicking the widget icon.

Microsoft says widgets are driven by artificial intelligence (A.I). Theme may be chosen, local content providers can be supported by giving them a tip right in the feed, as well as widgets rearranged as you like.

A new Microsoft Store for Windows featuring Android applications

The new Microsoft Store is another major features in Windows 11. The Microsoft Store has gained a great boost – Windows 11 lets you use the Amazon App Store to execute Android apps.

However, this was rather controversial.Some users are concerned that Android can be started and downloaded in Windows 11 now that Google forces developers to use its new Android App Bundle rather than the prior APK file. Amazon has just alleviated concerns and confirmed that the new Android App Bundle format is supported.

poccotech windows 10 android apps

In any case, it does not require a phone and Android apps may be dragged and pinched in the taskbar or start menu. TikTok is displayed in Windows 11 by Microsoft but it is not known when it will be available on PCs. Intel collaborated on this using the Intel bridge technology with Microsoft.

Apart from Android applications, certain Windows-side improvements were also highlighted by Microsoft. Win32, UWP, and PWA apps, including applications like Google Chrome, are available in your shop. Examples cited by Microsoft were Disney+ and Adobe Creative Cloud Suites.

Gaming and New Technologies

In significant new Windows upgrades PC gamers are never neglected, and Windows 11 is no exception. Game selection and technology are of use to two sectors. For the first time, the Windows 11-built Xbox app offers access to the Xbox Game Pass video game catalog. Titles such as Halo Infinite, Twelve Minutes and Age of Empires IV are included. The software also allows Xbox Cloud Gaming, the streaming game platform of Microsoft. Windows 11 introduces Auto HDR and DirectStorage with regard to new gaming technology. The former extends the color space even with non-HDR game titles to display greater clarity. With DirectStorage (an Xbox Speed Architecture subset) second technology, the loading times will be speededed by by bypassing the CPU and allowing the direct loading of the graphical memory.

windows 11 gaming
(image credit: microsoft)

Other technological advancements in Windows 11 include dynamic refreshing, which saves laptop batteries by lowering a monitor’s high refresh rate when it isn’t needed. The Wi-Fi 6E standard will also make the OS much faster. The demands of TPM and Secure Boot are a good topic for a separate essay in order to improve Microsoft’s security technologies.

Faster and more secure

Although there were no particular speed gains in Windows 11, Microsoft would not reveal specifics. The business has stated that 40 percent smaller Windows updates and install them in the background. Panos Panay of Microsoft has also said that Windows 11 is still “the safeest Windows.”

Thanks to Windows Hi, functions like as Wake From Sleep are quicker. Even battery life has been enhanced since Panay reports that Windows 11 computers are now using less energy.

windows 11 reviews 2021 poccotech

Windows 11 release date

Microsoft appears to be suggesting a Windows 11 release in October. Several screenshots are dated October 20, in addition to postings on how many people are looking forward to “turning it up to October 11.”

Intel has just mentioned Windows 11 as the ‘October 2021’ upgrade, making October again the most likely start date.

This may however be the day that Windows 11 has already been installed for new laptops and PCs to be sold. You may need to wait until 2022 for individuals who have Windows 10 and wish to update. The Windows 11 roll-up is slated to start next year, as you can see from Tweet above.

The new operating system, which is akin to Apple’s macOS initiatives, will also be updated every year.


The free upgrade of Windows 11 will be eligible for Windows 10 PC owners announced by Microsoft.

For those who did not meet the description, the price was not verified. That stated, the pre-installation of Windows 11 with future pre-install PCs and laptops is anticipated.


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